Branding Is More Than a Pretty Logo

The concept of branding is all about making a statement with your first impressions and in the digital era the bar is set high. Business owners need a distinctive style to stand out and attract savvy clients in various over-saturated markets. Being a digital marketing agency, our professional brand identity services create relevant, believable, well-positioned brands developed through market research and testing.. 

VOQUS Digital’s brand styling process intensifies your business & enlivens your brand through the power of charm. As your creative visual branding team, we are here to design a brand aesthetic that authentically fits your business needs. The ingredients of an effective brand are:

Brand Strategy Consultating • Primary Logo • Wordmark • Submark • Brand Pattern •
Color Palette • Font Pairing

Our vision is to create the blueprint that will allow your brand to stand out via post designs within your industry. VOQUS Digital takes into consideration your personality, your business, your audience & your style throughout the design process to envoke a connection to your audience.. We take every little detail into consideration because we want you to LOVE IT.

Social Media Branding

Social media is an informal yet friendly way to keep in touch, build strong client relationships and attract new customers. Getting the right voice – personality & content – is key.  Maintaining a cohesive look on social media will also elevate your brand, making it appear completely custom & refreshingly original. We offer services to elevate your social media profiles with attractive branded content along with compelling copy. These services include:

Brand Aesthetic Theme • Story Design • Highlight Covers •  Profile Copy • Facebook Cover 

We highly recommend the use of your brand’s essential components everywhere that your brand communicates with an audience. This range includes your website, social media pages, business cards and your Zoom/Skype/Google Classroom background. By utilizing consistent colors, fonts, imagery and aesthetic styling you will help your business be recognizable & memoriable.


Our innovative, creative designed marketing materials will deliver the right results for your brand, helping you to increase your profits by reaching more new clients.

Stand out with compelling, professionally-crafted a la carte marketing materials from VOQUS Digital. Some of our most popular print design services include business cards / appointment cards / loyalty cards / gift cards designs, promotional flyer designs, produc label designs, digital press kits, marketing postcards, custom brochure and menu designs (including flat, trifolds, and multiple panel brochure designs), letterhead design, custom hang tags + more.

VOQUS Digital has sources multiple cost-efficient & high quality solution for all your print needs from our wide network of trade print suppliers delivered straight to your door, guaranteeing you a peace of mind. Ask us today how we can fulfillcyour print design requests.

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