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Hello! I love writing social media marketing content. I hope my tips are enjoyable for you.

How To Have The Most Successful Instagram Marketing Campaign Without Actually Using Instagram

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Hello! I love writing social media marketing content. I hope my tips are enjoyable for you.

How To Have The Most Successful Instagram Marketing Campaign Without Actually Using Instagram


If I could battle anyone on VERZUZ, it would be Instagram.

Instagram has been extremely draining. I mean, how is it that you spend hours creating content for it to get less than 100 likes? Like, what’s the deal with Insta?! More people are falling out of love with the platform and have gone through periods of not uploading or sharing content that we didn’t truly believe in, purely to please the algorithm (hence VOQUS’ last 2 years ☺).

We’ve switched things up lately by applying quarterly planning . Now, instead of Instagram being the hub of all VOQUS Digital-related content, it’s more of an archive, directing our audience to the right places. Meaning, your Instagram should be an introduction to who you are rather than an open-book diary that spills all of your secrets.

We’ve created 3 amazing alternatives to marketing your products and/or services. Each will help your business reach your dream client without the stress of following an algorithm.

Digital Marketing

Don’t roll your eyes before hearing me out lol. Instagram might be heading towards a BlackPlanet and Myspace extinction within the next 10 years, so as business owners, it’s time to find another platform that brings you more joy and less stress. Instagram isn’t for everyone and just because every other business owner is thriving there, doesn’t mean you have to.

Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn have a unique advantage which make them an incredible space to be as a creator. I highly recommend building a loyal audience on at least one of these platforms. Please note that if it’s leaving you feeling burnt out, it’s time to say goodbye and find a method that leaves you feeling excited about sharing your brand.

Strategist have proven that email marketing is one of the most efficient methods of converting a lead. This makes it such an incredible tool for sharing content, connecting with your audience and selling heart out to meet those goals. Having an amazing email marketing strategy really has the power to upscale your business and directly connect with individuals on what feels like a personal level. Plus, you can get really creative in workflows and lead magnets that really captivate the attention of your audience. Unlike social media, it’s not just throwing content at people who may or may not be interested. It’s sending targeted, personalized emails to people who actually signed up to see your stuff.


I have grown to love blogging. After much trial and error, VOQUS has incorporated blogging as its content hub.

No longer are we posting lengthy, text-heavy carousels to our Instagram page which, if we’re lucky, may get a share or two. Instead of posting lengthy, text-heavy carousels to our Instagram page that may get a few likes and even fewer shares, we’re creating more thoughtful blog posts which when redirected from our Insta will then lead people to check out one or two other posts, have a peek at our pre-made templates, and make a sale! Instagram should be an introduction, leading people to the other, more important things that you offer.


Creating a podcast creates another platform for people to engage with you, learn about your business and fall in love with the brains behind the brand. If it feels authentic to you, this ever-trending way to get your content out there can really do wonders for your marketing and positioning, while giving you tons of opportunity to share tips, behind-the-scenes content and talk (and sell) your axx off.

In Closing…

If Instagram isn’t delivering results, the platforms above are great alternatives if you want to expand your reach and attract more of your ideal customers. Also remember, building an audience and creating content takes time so there’s no shame in growing slowly and/or hiring somebody to help you.

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