Tools I Use
In My Studio

Here are some of Cassie Rachel’s favorite productivity tools, most of them I use in VOQUS’ studio. I have tested and chosen each based on improving productivity to help your business succeed.


Send beautifully designed emails to your subscribers. I also use it for onboarding and offboarding my clients. Game changer for productivty!


Easily create stunning social media templates that are stylish, consistent, and on brand. Inquire today on my Canva Brand Setup service.


This is the tool I use for sending proposals, contracts and invoices. Very low transaction fees and you can keep all your documents in one place!


My favorite tool for managing projects with my team. You can easily add tasks, manage timelines and track everything in one place.


We all know the importance of a solid contract. The Contract Shop agreements are an absolute must have in your business!


MOO is a great printing company for customers worldwide. They offer premium quality for business cards with an option for next day delivery.

VOQUS Digital is a female-led design studio and marketing agency, driven by a love of creativity. Founded by Cassie Rachel in 2017, VOQUS is proud to bring thoughtful and intuitive design practices to conscious businesses world